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At Argus Audiology, we strive to make sure your hearing abilities are exactly the way you want it. Our staff is glad to help make your life easier with better hearing. Here is what our customers have to say about their experience at Argus Audiology.

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Sound Advice

"Having played in a pipe band for the last number of years as a drummer, and realizing the need for ear protection, I made the decision to obtain some musicians ear protection. I am a new user of these earplugs, and have found them to be of benefit while playing with the band. Pipes and drums can be very loud at our practices, but the plugs allow me to hear my fellow bandsmen, and still be able to play to the sounds we need to hear for the unison in the drum corps and with the full band. Thank you Argus Audiology for your suggestion to obtain and wear these protective devices. My career as a drummer can now continue , I hope for many years of listening and playing pleasure. I would strongly recommend these, and I am seeing more and more fellow players wearing ear protection – truly good “sound” advice!"

- Dave G.

Highly Recommend

"I was recently fitted with custom-designed Hunting Protection from Argus Audiology. I tried them out last week and they work awesome! They protect my ears from sudden impact noise all while giving me the ability to hear voices. I would highly recommend this custom Hunting Protection for anyone who is going to be out this hunting season!”

- Pete.

Professionalism and Kindness

“When we found out that our daughter would require earplugs for the water, we were concerned about achieving the perfect fit and lost summer fun. We called Argus Audiology and they were able to provide us with a timely appointment. The customer service, professionalism, and kindness that they demonstrated while preparing Charlotte’s children earplugs that she requires to wear swimming and bathing, put us at ease. The team ensured that we had the correct fit and gave us plenty of support to ensure they went in with ease. I’d highly recommend them to anyone needing any hearing services.”

- Jarrette.

Very Professional Staff

“I would like to thank you and your staff for making my life not only less stressful but more enjoyable. After consulting with you and working with your warm, cordial and very professional staff, you advised me that I should have hearing aids.

What a difference they make in my day-to-day living. I never realized how much I was not hearing. It’s the difference between mono and stereo.

My Oticon hearing aids allow me to follow conversations much easier. I can even listen to my favourite music on my iPod. I no longer feel left out of conversations. My wife has noticed that she no longer has to repeat things a second (or third) time.

I also suffer from tinnitus and I have noticed that the hearing aids help ease the constant noises. Many thanks to you and your staff for making my life better.”

- James P.

Hearing Aid Experts

“I have been a customer of Argus Audiology in Moncton, N.B., for the past 10 years. During this time, I have been called by Argus personnel about the satisfaction of my hearing aids. I have had several replacements as some hearing aids were not doing what I expected them to do and having to serve the public with my employment I had occasions when I was not able to make out the words properly and was very embarrassed at times. Argus was always there to rectify the problems and I am very glad to have them as hearing aid experts.

All management & staff are very polite and pleasing and I have never been left unsatisfied on every appointment. The Argus Audiology centre is very clean and comfortable with beautiful atmosphere with pleasing surroundings. I have sent numerous friends to have their hearing checked, as I know, they will be well cared for.

The management is all family, seems to be the key to success. It is with a great pleasure that I endorse this letter for a firm that leads the pack of Hearing Centres for the Greater Moncton Area.”

- Ron G.

Eternally Grateful

“l will be eternally grateful to the people at Argus Audiology. My heartfelt thanks.”

- Donald C.

Knowledgeable and Friendly

“I am a patient of Argus Audiology. Dr. Heidi Eaton did a hearing test and found that I needed hearing aids. I was fitted with them and now can hear better. All the people at Argus Audiology are knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, and prompt with their service. I cannot say enough about them. But keep up the great work Argus.”

- Donald R.

Greatly Appreciated

“My husband has hearing loss due to industrial exposure. For many years he has compensated by speaking excessively loudly (because he couldn't hear himself speak) as well as raising the volume on television/radio, etc. He had difficulty following conversations and often misunderstood what was being said. As a spouse this has been extremely frustrating, as I would have to continuously repeat myself or explain what was happening because he couldn't hear it. He recently was fitted with Oticon hearing aids and the difference is amazing. He easily follows conversations and can customize his hearing aids to the volume he needs dependent on the situation. The professionalism and support of the audiologist and administrative staff, as we worked through maximizing the efficiency of his hearing aids, is greatly appreciated.”

- Ann.

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