You may have many questions about your hearing problems your new hearing aid. Argus Audiology has put together answers for a few frequently asked questions. Can’t find the answer to your query? Contact us today to discuss your concerns with our audiologists.

Who is an audiologist?

Licensed healthcare professionals who evaluate, diagnose and treat hearing loss and other auditory conditions like tinnitus and balance disorders. They provide insight and recommend products that improve your hearing ability.

How do I know I have hearing problems?

Do you have difficulty discerning the words when people are speaking to you?

Do you often ask people to repeat themselves?

Do people’s speech sound like mumbles at times?

Do you find it difficult to clearly perceive certain high pitch voices (often women’s or children’s)?

Do you have a hard time following conversations in a noisy environment?

Do you find yourself avoiding social settings because of your hearing?

Do you watch television or listen to the radio at higher than normal volume?

Do you find yourself inadequately answering or responding to people?

Does hearing impairment run in your family?

Is hearing impairment a possible side effect of medications you’re taking?

Do you work in or are exposed to a noisy environment for extended periods?

Do you consistently or intermittently hear ringing or other phantom noises (also known as tinnitus)?

If you have answered yes, you need to talk to an audiologist.

How do audiologists diagnose hearing loss?

Hearing tests are designed to evaluate your sensitivity, acuity and accuracy to speech understanding at different volumes. Your case history is taken into consideration and visual inspection of ear canal and eardrum is conducted.

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