Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance

Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance in New Brunswick

At Argus Audiology, all new hearing aid purchases will have a manufacturer’s warranty which will include all standard repairs. Warranty normally covers the first 2-3 years but is subject to change depending on the hearing aid. Argus Audiology also offers a loss & damage program with the purchase of all new hearing aids. This program will replace a hearing aid if it was lost or damaged beyond repair and normally covers the first 1-2 years and sometimes has a deductible depending on the hearing aid. For any hearing aid repair and maintenance in New Brunswick, contact us today.

Keeping it Clean

Hearing aids should be cleaned every night before you go to bed. Custom hearing aids and ear molds should be cleaned with a special sanitizer spray. This sanitizer spray is a cleaner and deodorizer and is designed to keep hearing aids and ear molds clean and dirt free, but also leaves them smelling fresh. After cleaning your hearing aids, make sure the battery door is open before putting them into your UV Electric Dryer or dehumidifier kit for the night. The UV Dryer or dehumidifier kit will remove any damaging moisture from the hearing aid and will also help extend the life of your hearing aid.

All cleaning supplies, tools, and devices can be found at Argus Audiology.

Clean Hearing Aids Regularly

Talk to our audiologists for secrets of a long lasting device.

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