Hearing Accessories Sold in New Brunswick

From ear cleaners to alarm systems, Argus Audiology offers a number of hearing accessories in New Brunswick. Take a look at our products. Contact us for more information.

  • Tinnitus Maskers: The Tinnitus Masker represents the latest in modern masking technology and benefits those who find their tinnitus bothersome at night and have trouble sleeping. The masker incorporates 10 different sound selections from various patterns and ranges of sound environments. Included is a pillow speaker, which allows a comfortable way to use the masker at nighttime without disturbing your partner or others in the household.

  • Alert systems: Argus Audiology offers a wide range of alert systems designed specifically for the hearing impaired. These alert systems include alarm clocks, bed shakers, doorbells, smoke alarms and much more! Please contact any one of our locations to speak with a team member to find out with alert system is right for you. Hearing Aid Dehumidifiers: Humidity and wax are the two main culprits in hearing aid breakdown. Dehumidification systems can help maintain your hearing aids for optimal performance and can extend the life of your hearing aids.

  • Eargene: Soothing and refreshing ear lotion for ear hygiene and relief of itching ears. Ideal for all hearing aid wearers.

  • Earmold Lubriciant: A gel lubricant to aid the insertion of hearing instruments and earmolds.

  • Earplanes: Relieves air pressure discomfort and reduces harsh noise for flight comfort.

  • Waxuards and Domes for a wide variety of hearing aid brands.

Sleep Better With Tinnitus

Maskers available to help you sleep better without disturbances.

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