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At Argus Audiology, we provide you with the finest hearing solutions at our Moncton, Saint John and Miramichi locations. We carry a wide range of leading edge products to accommodate each individual’s lifestyle and budget.

Not sure what suits you best? With so many choices available, finding the best hearing device may seem difficult. Our audiologists and consultants can help you determine which type of hearing aid is the right fit for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Products Offered

  • Hearing aids

  • Custom noise protection

  • Musician and swim plugs

  • Hunting Plugs

  • Custom Earmolds

  • Hearing Aid Accessories

  • Assisted Listening Devices

Types of Hearing Aids Available at Argus Audiology

There are numerous types of hearing aids. Different factors go into determining the type of hearing device you need, including the degree of hearing loss present, power requirements, your manual dexterity, cosmetic concerns and various other aspects. You can see some of the different types of hearing aids we have available below.



These types of hearing aids are a great choice for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. They are quite discreet, as this style sits deep inside the ear canal, making it virtually invisible.




These hearing aids are best suited for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. This custom style is quite small and rests deep within the ear canal.


ITC: In-the-Canal

This type is best for mild to severe hearing loss. These hearing aids fill the concha of the ear.



This style is nearly invisible. However, it requires good dexterity to insert and take out, has a shorter battery life compared to other models, and can lead to occasional wax build-ups in the ear canal.


ITE: In-the-Ear

This style is best for mild to severe hearing loss. These hearing aids fill the concha of the ear.


BTE: Behind-the-Ear

This type of hearing aid is best suited for those with mild to profound hearing loss. It is available in two styles (hook solution or thin tube). These hearing aids rest behind the ear and transmit sound to the ear using a thin tube.

BTE Plus Power:
Behind-the-Ear Plus Power

Behind-the-Ear Plus Power

This type of hearing aid targets severe-to-profound hearing loss. These hearing aids rest behind the ear and are strikingly small, yet very powerful all while providing users with high sound quality.

Mini BTE:

Mini BTE: Mini-Behind-the-Ear

These hearing aids are best for those with moderate to severe hearing loss. They are available in two styles (hook solution or thin tube). Our smallest BTE is completely wireless and delivers an extremely high quality of sound.

Micro-Behind-the-Ear (Water Resistant)

Micro behind the ear

This style is cosmetically appealing, however, may be slightly visible. It is easy to handle and offers wireless functionality. It has a water resistant-ingress protection rating of IP67.


RITE: Receiver-in-the-Ear

This style is best for mild to severe hearing loss. It is more discreet than the traditional BTE model. It rests behind the ear and uses a thin tube to send sound to the ear.

Design RITE: Receiver-in-the-Ear

Designer RITE: Receiver-in-the-Ear

These hearing aids are best for mild to moderate hearing loss. The design consists of a small, petal-shaped shell that sits in the shadow at the top of your ear. Its nearly invisible sound tube that enters the ear canal makes it an extremely discreet yet non-traditional hearing aid.

Mini RITE: Mini Receiver-in-the-Ear

Mini RITE: Mini Receiver-in-the-Ear

This style is most suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. This style is very similar to the Designer RITE hearing aids: they also fit discreetly behind the ear and transmit sound via a nearly invisible sound tube.


Virtually invisible, the open-fit hearing aid resembles BTE devices. The main difference is that these aids have a clear tube running directly into the bowl of your ear (not to be confused with the ear canal).

Types of Custom Hearing Protection

If your lifestyle makes your ears vulnerable to hearing loss or other impairments, then you might think about wearing ear protection during at-risk activities. Some industrial tools and equipment can cause permanent damage to your ears in just a few minutes. Be safe; prevention is better than cure. Below are different types of hearing protection with descriptions of how each can be applied. Custom hearing protection also comes in a wide variety of colours.

Solid Noise Plugs

Constant noise exposure can seriously damage your hearing. If you’re working in a factory, a construction site or any other type of loud environment, then consider investing in solid noise plugs.

Acoustic Filtered Plugs

These are similar to the solid noise plugs with the difference being that you can still hear speech and other noises that are closest to you

sleep noise

Sleep Molds

Ideal for people who have difficulty sleeping or who live in a noisy environment. Sleep plugs are available as solid or filtered plugs.

girl swim

Swim Molds

Ideal for people who need to keep their ear canals dry, whether they have a history of ear infections, ear surgery or chronic conditions such as drainage, swim plugs or molds keep out the water and humidity. Otherwise, outer ear conditions can be aggravated making bathing, showering and swimming worrisome.


Musician’s Earplugs

Musicians, sound engineers and other workers of the music and show business industry are constantly exposed to loud music. We can provide custom-made earplugs which not only protect their hearing but also let them clearly and accurately hear all sounds, at a reduced volume.

duck hunting

Hunting Plugs

Our custom hearing protection for hunting and high-decibel noise is specifically designed for these transient types of sounds. They are custom-made to fit your ear, offering maximum protection from loud, harmful sounds and the sudden impulse noise coming from your hunting equipment.

Innovative Technology

Ask us how our newest invisible hearing solutions can benefit you.

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