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Assistive Listening Devices 

Clarity E814CC3 home phone with and without 40dB cord
Resound micro BTE hearing aid
Pocketalker Ultra with personal amplifier
Clarity brand Alter Master hearing aids

No matter where you go or what activity you are doing, we have hearing products to make your life easier. Assistive listening devices help in bringing the sound directly to the ear. The devices separate sound from the background noise and help the listener to hear well. These devices help people who are suffering from hearing loss of all degrees from mild to profound levels.


Argus Audiology helps people with hearing problems live a better life with devices that are designed for your convenience. For more information on assistive living devices, and how they can help you, contact one of our hearing healthcare professionals today! Book a consultation today.

Devices Available With Us

Pocket talkers

The Pocket Talker System is an easy-to-use and versatile portable amplifier that provides users with the ability to hear more clearly in difficult listening situations. With the ability to be used for one-to-one conversations or in small groups as well as for TV and radio listening, the Pocket Talker is ideal for use at home or on the go. Pocket talkers are helpful in hospital settings, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.  They are also a great alternative when a person has a hearing loss, but is unable to use hearing aids for any given reason.    

Amplified telephones

The Telephone Clarity Amplification is a handset amplifier. This handset amplifier connects easily and there is no wiring involved. You will only need to install the battery (included) and plug-in between the telephone and the handset. You’ll have an amplified telephone (up to 40 dB) using your existing telephone. This system will allow you to hear speech more clearly and at a higher volume. Argus Audiology offers a wide variety of additional amplified telephones. To find out which amplified telephone is right for you, contact any one of our clinics to speak with a member of our dedicated team of hearing care professionals.

TV listening devices

TV listening devices have helped thousands of people with hearing loss hear their favorite shows and movies clearly without turning up the volume on their TV! With this wireless TV listening technology, you set your own volume and tone while others listen to the television volume at their own level.

Remote microphones

The remote microphone can be quite versatile.  It is a Bluetooth device that can wirelessly stream phone calls and media from your cell phones or computers, directly into your hearing aids. 


It can also be used as a microphone in various capacities.  It will amplify any sound source you are trying to listen to, from a friend in a restaurant, to a TV or radio, to a meeting setting and so much more!


These blue tooth devices have up to a 20-meter range.  Learn more by contacting a member of our team.

Alerting Systems 

The Clarity Alert Master is a visual and vibrating alert system for the deaf or people with profound hearing loss. It alerts you to telephone calls, doorbell ringing, and other audio such as fire alarm, a crying baby or the presence of an intruder.


What Finance Options Are Available?

Argus Audiology offers a hearing aid financing option, so don’t wait, get your new hearing aids now!

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