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Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

At Argus Audiology, all new hearing aid purchases will have a manufacturer’s warranty which will include all standard repairs. Warranty normally covers the first 2-3 years, but is subject to change depending on the hearing aid. Argus Audiology also offers a loss & damage program with the purchase of all new hearing aids. This program will replace a hearing aid if it was lost or damaged beyond repair and normally covers the first 1-2 years and sometimes has a deductible depending on the hearing aid. Contact us today for any hearing aid repair and maintenance.

Keeping It Clean

Keeping your hearing aids clean goes a long way in helping their longevity, performance and functionality. 


Hearing aids should be cleaned every night before you go to bed. Custom hearing aids and earmolds should be cleaned with a special sanitizer spray.


After cleaning your hearing aids, make sure the battery door is open before putting them into your electric dehumidifier for the night. The dehumidifier will remove any damaging moisture from the hearing aids, therefore, helping to extend the life of your hearing aid and its circuitry.


Just like other electronic devices, hearing aids need regular care for them to work properly.  Preventative maintenance is key!


Here are some tips to follow for extending the life of your hearing aids:

Protect them from dirt and moisture

Avoid extreme temperatures

Avoid direct contact with hairspray and makeup

Do not use harsh chemicals on them

Do not use screwdrivers or oil to clean or repair them

Here at Argus Audiology, you will find all the cleaning supplies and tools needed to maintain your hearing aids.  For help or assistance in maintaining your hearing aids, contact anyone of our clinics, our trained clinicians will be more than happy to assist you!

woman adjusting her hearing aid
A technician remotely repairing an elderly woman's hearing aid.

Remote Programming

Do you travel and are worried about your hearing aids not performing to your satisfaction while you are away?  Perhaps you have mobility issues making it hard for you to come into our clinic to be seen?  Worry no more!  We now do remote programing! This enables us to program and adjust your hearing aids remotely no matter where you are, whether at home or anywhere in the world!

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Clean Hearing Aids Regularly

Talk to our audiologists for secrets of a long-lasting device.

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