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Hearing Solutions for Everyone 

Three Most Popular Styles of Hearing Aids 

Custom Hearing Aids

Custom hearing aids are best suited for people with mild to profound hearing loss and come in a variety of sizes.  They take advantage of the shape of the ear to provide great acoustics, directionality of sound and excellent hearing aid retention.  They are molded to fit the client's ear, therefore, providing a comfortable fit. Because these hearing aids sit in the ear, clients can continue to comfortably use headphones.  The size of the hearing aids is depending on severity of hearing loss and customer needs. Some manufacturers offer this style in rechargeable technology.


Receiver In The Ear (RITE) 

This style is best suited for mild to severe hearing loss. It is more discreet than the traditional BTE model. It rests behind the ear and uses a receiver with dome or mould to send sound to the ear. This hearing aid is available in non-rechargeable and rechargeable technology.

Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids

These hearing aids rest behind the ear and are best suited for moderately severe to profound hearing loss.  They are available in two styles: short hook with slim tube and dome or ear mould.  Or, regular hook with tube and ear mould.  

We Carry a Wide Range of Hearing Aids and Products from Various Manufacturers!

What Fits You Better?

Ask our hearing care professional which model is best suited for you!

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