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Industrial Hearing Protectors Program

Hearing loss can be an unfortunate effect of exposure to loud noise. Repeated exposure to noise over a period of time can result in Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). NIHL can be prevented when the right precautions are taken. Regular hearing tests to evaluate signs of hearing loss along with the use of Industrial Noise Protection can aid in the prevention of permanent hearing loss.


Argus Audiology’s Industrial Hearing Program can help your company develop a customized hearing health plan. We provide on-site hearing screenings. On-site screenings will result in less downtime for your business and a healthier and safer work environment. We also provide in-office industrial screenings for job applications. Book a consultation today.

We Provide

On-site industrial hearing screenings

In-office industrial hearing screenings

Custom-fit industrial hearing protectors

Noise awareness education

Complete report including recommendations on employee hearing evaluation findings.

Please contact any one of our 4 clinics.

Man testing hearing aid
Hearing protection equipment for workers

Quality Hearing Aids

Different styles from well-known brands.

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